GeographicLib  1.41
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\NGeographicLibNamespace for GeographicLib
 oCAccumulatorAn accumulator for sums
 oCAlbersEqualAreaAlbers equal area conic projection
 oCAzimuthalEquidistantAzimuthal equidistant projection
 oCCassiniSoldnerCassini-Soldner projection
 oCCircularEngineSpherical harmonic sums for a circle
 oCConstantsConstants needed by GeographicLib
 oCGeographicErrException handling for GeographicLib
 oCDMSConvert between degrees and the DMS representation
 oCEllipsoidProperties of an ellipsoid
 oCEllipticFunctionElliptic integrals and functions
 oCGeocentricGeocentric coordinates
 oCGeoCoordsConversion between geographic coordinates
 oCGeodesicGeodesic calculations
 oCGeodesicExactExact geodesic calculations
 oCGeodesicLineA geodesic line
 oCGeodesicLineExactAn exact geodesic line
 oCGeohashConversions for geohashes
 oCGeoidLooking up the height of the geoid
 oCGnomonicGnomonic projection
 oCGravityCircleGravity on a circle of latitude
 oCGravityModelModel of the earth's gravity field
 oCLambertConformalConicLambert conformal conic projection
 oCLocalCartesianLocal cartesian coordinates
 oCMagneticCircleGeomagnetic field on a circle of latitude
 oCMagneticModelModel of the earth's magnetic field
 oCMathMathematical functions needed by GeographicLib
 oCMGRSConvert between UTM/UPS and MGRS
 oCNormalGravityThe normal gravity of the earth
 oCOSGBOrdnance Survey grid system for Great Britain
 oCPolarStereographicPolar stereographic projection
 oCPolygonAreaTPolygon areas
 oCRhumbSolve of the direct and inverse rhumb problems
 oCRhumbLineFind a sequence of points on a single rhumb line
 oCSphericalEngineThe evaluation engine for SphericalHarmonic
 |\CcoeffPackage up coefficients for SphericalEngine
 oCSphericalHarmonicSpherical harmonic series
 oCSphericalHarmonic1Spherical harmonic series with a correction to the coefficients
 oCSphericalHarmonic2Spherical harmonic series with two corrections to the coefficients
 oCTransverseMercatorTransverse Mercator projection
 oCTransverseMercatorExactAn exact implementation of the transverse Mercator projection
 oCUtilitySome utility routines for GeographicLib
 \CUTMUPSConvert between geographic coordinates and UTM/UPS